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Boris Faybishenko Fluid Dynamics in Complex Fractured-Porous Systems

Despite of many years of studies, predicting fluid flow, heat, and chemical transport in fractured-porous media remains a challenge for scientists and engineers worldwide. This monograph is the third in a series on the dynamics of fluids and transport in fractured rock published by the American Geophysical Union (Geophysical Monograph Series, Vol. 162, 2005; and Geophysical Monograph, No. 122, 2000). This monograph is dedicated to the late Dr. Paul Witherspoon for his seminal influence on the development of ideas and methodologies and the birth of contemporary fractured rock hydrogeology, including such fundamental and applied problems as environmental remediation; exploitation of oil, gas, and geothermal resources; disposal of spent nuclear fuel; and geotechnical engineering. This monograph addresses fundamental and applied scientific questions and is intended to assist scientists and practitioners bridge gaps in the current scientific knowledge in the areas of theoretical fluids dynamics, field measurements, and experiments for different practical applications. Readers of this book will include researchers, engineers, and professionals within academia, Federal agencies, and industry, as well as graduate/undergraduate students involved in theoretical, experimental, and numerical modeling studies of fluid dynamics and reactive chemical transport in the unsaturated and saturated zones, including studies pertaining to petroleum and geothermal reservoirs, environmental management and remediation, mining, gas storage, and radioactive waste isolation in underground repositories. Volume highlights include discussions of the following: Fundamentals of using a complex systems approach to describe flow and transport in fractured-porous media. Methods of Field Measurements and Experiments Collective behavior and emergent properties of complex fractured rock systems Connection to the surrounding environment Multi-disciplinary research for different applications

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M. Rachinsky Z. Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

Whether as a textbook for the petroleum engineering student or a reference for the veteran engineer working in the field, this new volume is a valuable asset in the engineer’s library for new, tested methods of more efficient oil and gas exploration and production and better estimating methods. In this book, the authors combine a rigorous, yet easy to understand, approach to petrophysics and how it is applied to petroleum and environmental engineering to solve multiple problems that the engineer or geologist faces every day. Useful in the prediction of everything from crude oil composition, pore size distribution in reservoir rocks, groundwater contamination, and other types of forecasting, this approach provides engineers and students alike with a convenient guide to many real-world applications. Fluid dynamics is an extremely important part of the extraction process, and petroleum geologists and engineers must have a working knowledge of fluid dynamics of oil and gas reservoirs in order to find them and devise the best plan for extraction, before drilling can begin. This book offers the engineer and geologist a fundamental guide for accomplishing these goals, providing much-needed calculations and formulas on fluid flow, rock properties, and many other topics that are encountered every day. The approach taken in Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs is unique and has not been addressed until now in a book format. Readers now have the ability to review some of the most well-known fields in the world, from the USA to Russia and Asia. Useful for the veteran engineer or scientist and the student alike, this book is a must-have for any geologist, engineer, or student working in the field of upstream petroleum engineering.

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Petr Nikrityuk A. Computational Thermo-Fluid Dynamics. In Materials Science and Engineering

Combining previously unconnected computational methods, this monograph discusses the latest basic schemes and algorithms for the solution of fluid, heat and mass transfer problems coupled with electrodynamics. It presents the necessary mathematical background of computational thermo-fluid dynamics, the numerical implementation and the application to real-world problems. Particular emphasis is placed throughout on the use of electromagnetic fields to control the heat, mass and fluid flows in melts and on phase change phenomena during the solidification of pure materials and binary alloys. However, the book provides much more than formalisms and algorithms; it also stresses the importance of good, feasible and workable models to understand complex systems, and develops these in detail. Bringing computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and electrodynamics together, this is a useful source for materials scientists, PhD students, solid state physicists, process engineers and mechanical engineers, as well as lecturers in mechanical engineering.

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Reza Zarghami Coupled CFD-DEM Modeling. Formulation, Implementation and Application to Multiphase Flows

Discusses the CFD-DEM method of modeling which combines both the Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate fluid-particle interactions. Deals with both theoretical and practical concepts of CFD-DEM, its numerical implementation accompanied by a hands-on numerical code in FORTRAN Gives examples of industrial applications

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Reza Jazar N. Advanced Dynamics. Rigid Body, Multibody, and Aerospace Applications

A thorough understanding of rigid body dynamics as it relates to modern mechanical and aerospace systems requires engineers to be well versed in a variety of disciplines. This book offers an all-encompassing view by interconnecting a multitude of key areas in the study of rigid body dynamics, including classical mechanics, spacecraft dynamics, and multibody dynamics. In a clear, straightforward style ideal for learners at any level, Advanced Dynamics builds a solid fundamental base by first providing an in-depth review of kinematics and basic dynamics before ultimately moving forward to tackle advanced subject areas such as rigid body and Lagrangian dynamics. In addition, Advanced Dynamics: Is the only book that bridges the gap between rigid body, multibody, and spacecraft dynamics for graduate students and specialists in mechanical and aerospace engineering Contains coverage of special applications that highlight the different aspects of dynamics and enhances understanding of advanced systems across all related disciplines Presents material using the author's own theory of differentiation in different coordinate frames, which allows for better understanding and application by students and professionals Both a refresher and a professional resource, Advanced Dynamics leads readers on a rewarding educational journey that will allow them to expand the scope of their engineering acumen as they apply a wide range of applications across many different engineering disciplines.

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Joseph Katz Automotive Aerodynamics

Automotive Aerodynamics Joseph Katz, San Diego State University, USA The automobile is an icon of modern technology because it includes most aspects of modern engineering, and it offers an exciting approach to engineering education. Of course there are many existing books on introductory fluid/aero dynamics but the majority of these are too long, focussed on aerospace and don’t adequately cover the basics. Therefore, there is room and a need for a concise, introductory textbook in this area. Automotive Aerodynamics fulfils this need and is an introductory textbook intended as a first course in the complex field of aero/fluid mechanics for engineering students. It introduces basic concepts and fluid properties, and covers fluid dynamic equations. Examples of automotive aerodynamics are included and the principles of computational fluid dynamics are introduced. This text also includes topics such as aeroacoustics and heat transfer which are important to engineering students and are closely related to the main topic of aero/fluid mechanics. This textbook contains complex mathematics, which not only serve as the foundation for future studies but also provide a road map for the present text. As the chapters evolve, focus is placed on more applicable examples, which can be solved in class using elementary algebra. The approach taken is designed to make the mathematics more approachable and easier to understand. Key features: • Concise textbook which provides an introduction to fluid mechanics and aerodynamics, with automotive applications • Written by a leading author in the field who has experience working with motor sports teams in industry • Explains basic concepts and equations before progressing to cover more advanced topics • Covers internal and external flows for automotive applications • Covers emerging areas of aeroacoustics and heat transfer Automotive Aerodynamics is a must-have textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in automotive and mechanical engineering, and is also a concise reference for engineers in industry.

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Boris Brejcha — In Concert 2019-09-14T22:00

Mikhail Panfilov Physicochemical Fluid Dynamics in Porous Media. Applications Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering

A unique and timely book on understanding and tailoring the flow of fluids in porous materials Porous media play a key role in chemical processes, gas and water purification, gas storage and the development of new multifunctional materials. Understanding hydrodynamics in porous media is decisive for enabling a wide range of applications in materials science and chemical engineering. This all-encompassing book offers a timely overview of all flow and transport processes in which chemical or physicochemical phenomena such as dissolution, phase transition, reactions, adsorption, diffusion, capillarity, and surface phenomena are essential. It brings together both theoretical and experimental results and includes important industrial applications. Physicochemical Fluid Dynamics in Porous Media: Applications in Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering explains the thermodynamics of phase equilibria for multicomponent fluids, physicochemical models of single-phase and immiscible two-phase flow, based on the macroscopic theory of oil displacement by water. It also covers the theory of two-phase flow with partial miscibility and describes partially miscible flows with phase transitions by means of the negative saturation approach. The final chapters are devoted to flow with chemical reactions, based on the example of in-situ leaching of uranium, and flow with bio-chemical reactions in terms of the underground storage of hydrogen. -Brings together the theoretical and experimental results necessary for the understanding of hydrodynamics in porous media -Covers important industrial applications such as underground leaching of uranium and underground storage of hydrogen -Presents a state-of-the-art overview and summarizes the research results usually found only scattered in the literature Physicochemical Fluid Dynamics in Porous Media: Applications in Geoscience and Petroleum Engineering will appeal to chemical engineers, materials scientists, applied physicists, and mechanical engineers.

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Craig Manning Frontiers in Geofluids

Frontiers in Geofluids is a collection of invited papers chosen to highlight recent developments in our understanding of geological fluids in different parts of the Earth, and published to mark the first ten years of publication of the journal Geofluids. The scope of the volume ranges from the fundamental properties of fluids and the phase relationships of fluids encountered in nature, to case studies of the role of fluids in natural processes. New developments in analytical and theoretical approaches to understanding fluid compositions, fluid properties, and geological fluid dynamics across a wide range of environments are included. A recurrent theme of research published in Geofluids is the way in which similar approaches can be applied to geological fluids in very different settings and this is reflected in the diverse range of applications of fluid studies that are included here. They include deep groundwater flow, hydrocarbons in faulted sedimentary basins, hydrothermal ores, and multiphase flow in mid-ocean ridge systems. Other topics covered are geothermal waters, crustal metamorphism, and fluids in magmatic systems. The book will be of great interest to researchers and students interested in crustal and mantle fluids of all sorts.

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Michael Church Coherent Flow Structures at Earth's Surface

An expert review of recent progress in the study of turbulent flows with a focus on recently identified organized structures. This book reviews the recent progress in the study of the turbulent flows that sculpt the Earth’s surface, focusing in particular on the organized structures that have been identified in recent years within turbulent flows. These coherent flow structures can include eddies or vortices at the scale of individual grains, through structures that scale with the flow depth in rivers or estuaries, to the large-scale structure of flows at the morphological or landform scale. These flow structures are of wide interest to the scientific community because they play an important role in fluid dynamics and influence the transport, erosion and deposition of sediment and pollutants in a wide variety of fluid flow environments. Scientific knowledge of these structures has improved greatly over the past 20 years as computational fluid dynamics has come to play an increasing important part in building our understanding of coherent flow structures across a broad range of scales. Chapters comprise a series of major, invited papers and a selection of the most novel, innovative papers presented at the second Coherent Flow Structures Conference held August 3-5, 2011 at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. Chapters focus on six major themes: Dynamics of coherent flow structures (CFS) in geophysical flows Interaction of turbulent flows, vegetation and ecological habitats Coherent structure of atmospheric flows Numerical modeling of coherent flow structures Turbulence in open channel flows Coherent flow structures, sediment transport and morphological feedbacks.

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Bouchaib Radi Dynamics of Large Structures and Inverse Problems

This book deals with the various aspects of stochastic dynamics, the resolution of large mechanical systems, and inverse problems. It integrates the most recent ideas from research and industry in the field of stochastic dynamics and optimization in structural mechanics over 11 chapters. These chapters provide an update on the various tools for dealing with uncertainties, stochastic dynamics, reliability and optimization of systems. The optimization–reliability coupling in structures dynamics is approached in order to take into account the uncertainties in the modeling and the resolution of the problems encountered. Accompanied by detailed examples of uncertainties, optimization, reliability, and model reduction, this book presents the newest design tools. It is intended for students and engineers and is a valuable support for practicing engineers and teacher-researchers.

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Rao G. V. Elements of Structural Dynamics. A New Perspective

Structural dynamics is a subset of structural analysis which covers the behavior of structures subjected to dynamic loading. The subject has seen rapid growth and also change in how the basic concepts can be interpreted. For instance, the classical notions of discretizing the operator of a dynamic structural model have given way to a set-theoretic, function-space based framework, which is more conducive to implementation with a computer. This modern perspective, as adopted in this book, is also helpful in putting together the various tools and ideas in a more integrated style. Elements of Structural Dynamics: A New Perspective is devoted to covering the basic concepts in linear structural dynamics, whilst emphasizing their mathematical moorings and the associated computational aspects that make their implementation in software possible. Key features: Employs a novel ‘top down’ approach to structural dynamics. Contains an insightful treatment of the computational aspects, including the finite element method, that translate into numerical solutions of the dynamic equations of motion. Consistently touches upon the modern mathematical basis for the theories and approximations involved. Elements of Structural Dynamics: A New Perspective is a holistic treatise on structural dynamics and is an ideal textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students in Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil engineering departments. This book also forms a useful reference for researchers and engineers in industry.

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Wuwei Chen Integrated Vehicle Dynamics and Control

A comprehensive overview of integrated vehicle system dynamics exploring the fundamentals and new and emerging developments This book provides a comprehensive coverage of vehicle system dynamics and control, particularly in the area of integrated vehicle dynamics control. The book consists of two parts, (1) development of individual vehicle system dynamic model and control methodology; and (2) development of integrated vehicle dynamic model and control methodology. The first part focuses on investigating vehicle system dynamics and control according to the three directions of vehicle motions, including longitudinal, vertical, and lateral. Corresponding individual control systems, e.g. Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Active Suspension, Electric Power Steering System (EPS), are introduced and developed respectively. Particular attention is paid in the second part of the book to develop integrated vehicle dynamic control system. Integrated vehicle dynamics control system is an advanced system that coordinates all the chassis control systems and components to improve the overall vehicle performance including safety, comfort, and economy. Integrated vehicle dynamics control has been an important research topic in the area of vehicle dynamics and control over the past two decades. The research topic on integrated vehicle dynamics control is investigated comprehensively and intensively in the book through both theoretical analysis and experimental study. In this part, two types of control architectures, i.e. centralized and multi-layer, have been developed and compared to demonstrate their advantages and disadvantages. Integrated vehicle dynamics control is a hot topic in automotive research; this is one of the few books to address both theory and practice of integrated systems Comprehensively explores the research area of integrated vehicle dynamics and control through both theoretical analysis and experimental study Addresses a full range of vehicle system topics including tyre dynamics, chassis systems, control architecture, 4 wheel steering system and design of control systems using Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) Method

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Московское чаепитие: ribka_anna

23 янв. 2018 г. - Мимо "Московского трактира" Бориса Кустодиева невозможно было ... Пасхи оказался в трактире на вербном торгу у Спасской башни.

«Московский трактир» (1916) Борис Кустодиев Холст, масло. 99 ...

02 нояб. 2018 г.- «Московский трактир» (1916) Борис Кустодиев Холст, масло. 99,3x129,3 см Государственная Третьяковская галерея, Москва, Россия.

Альбом «Борис Кустодиев» , смотреть онлайн

26 мая 2015 г. - Альбом так и называется – «Борис Кустодиев». ***. Борис ... Так, в 1919 году была написана картина «Московский трактир». Сценку эту ...

Кустодиев Борис Михайлович (Московский трактир ...

Уникальное собрание обширной информации по всем отраслям знания. Содержит сведения по всем областям науки, техники, литературе и искусству; ...

Чайный стол Бориса Кустодиева-Медиапроект s-t-o-l.com

26 мая 2017 г. - Художника Бориса Кустодиева очень ценили как портретиста. ... Картины «Купчиха за чаем», «Московский трактир», «На террасе» ...

Борис Кустодиев, "Московский трактир". 1916 год. - Москва ...

13 мар. 2011 г. - Спасибо ezhik_w_tymane за наводку на кладезь.))

«Трактир — первая вещь» - Повседневная жизнь русского кабака ...

Автор: Курукин Игорь + Никулина Елена, «Трактир — первая вещь» ... Грозного до Бориса Ельцина, Серия: _разноеПовседневная жизнь, Жанр: история, ... К этому описанию можно добавить, что Большой Московский трактир был ...

Кустодиев Борис Михайлович (1878 - 1927) | История искусства

Родился Борис в семье преподавателя. ... Сначала Борис брал уроки у художника Власова, который приехал в Астрахань .... Московский трактир (1916).

Московский трактир (Борис Кустодиев) - АrtPhone» - Модная ...

Пазл магнитный 18 x 27 (126 элементов) - Московский трактир (Борис Кустодиев) от автора trend. . Купить с доставкой по всей РФ в интернет-магазине ...

Классики - Кустодиев Борис Михайлович / Московский трактир ...

22 мая 2007 г. - №55223, 29/06/2007, 01:31, Кустодиев Б.М., Профиль. Не знаю, удалось ли мне сделать и выразить в моих вещах то, что я хотел, ...

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916 - ИА REGNUM

Иллюстрация к новости Россия, которая умерла, но жива.

Ешь топинамбур, рябчиков жуй - Еда - МОСЛЕНТА

5 июн. 2018 г. - Можно сразу уточнить: в чем отличие трактиров и ресторанов? Грань между ... Картина Бориса Кустодиева «Московский трактир».

Кустодиев Борис «Московский трактир - Artwall.ru

Купить постер репродукцию картины Московский трактир, Кустодиев Борис на холсте или бумаге, в раме или без.

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916 | Paint | Pinterest ...

Moscow Tavern, 1916 by Boris Kustodiev. Art ImagesNew ArtRussian TeaArt NouveauCafe ArtMoscow RussiaRussian PaintingContemporary ArtistsPortrait.

Московский трактир, 1916 год. Кустодиев Борис Михайлович - сайт ...

Московский трактир, 1916 год. ... перепечатке материалов сайта необходимо размещение ссылки «Кустодиев Борис Михайлович. Сайт художника».

Кустодиев Борис Михайлович

Купчиха. Фрагмент. 1915 Московский трактир. 1916 Вверху: Масленица (Масленичное катание). 1919 Внизу: Масленица. 20 Борис Михайлович ...

Московский трактир - Борис Кустодиев | Культура застолья

5 февр. 2016 г. - В 1915 году Кустодиев побывал в Москве. Он бродил по городу, делал зарисовки. На Вербном торгу у Спасской башни стоял трактир, ...

Московский трактир - Борис Михайлович Кустодиев - Dedale

Загружайте свои работы, создавайте выставки, делитесь со всем миром на dedale.ru.

КУСТОДИЕВ. Московский трактир

Живопись. Русские художники. Борис Кустодиев. Название картины. Московский трактир. Год создания. 1916. Московский трактир. Следующая картина ...

Московский трактир картина. Московский трактир — Борис ...

Московский трактир. Описание картины Кустодивева Борис Михайлович Кустодиев «Московский трактир» 1916 год Третьяковская галерея, Москва ...

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев Московский трактир. Фрагмент ...

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев Московский трактир. Фрагмент- одно из многих произведений художника. Подробную информацию и описание работы ...

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев родился в Астрахани. «Его отец был учителем в ... на Волге» (1909; «Купчиха» (1915); «Московский трактир» (1916) и др.

Шеф-повар Сергей Ерошенко о честной русской кухне и пользе ...

16 апр. 2015 г. - Фрагмент репродукции картины «Московский трактир» Бориса ... Московский шеф-повар Сергей Ерошенко за свою многолетнюю ...

Московский трактир « Кустодиев Борис Михайлович « Русская ...

Сайт для заботливых родителей, учителей и воспитателей.

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир.1916 - ИА REGNUM

Иллюстрация к новости Эксперт: Правила продажи слабого и крепкого алкоголя должны быть разными.

Кустодиев Борис Михайлович. Московский трактир

Кустодиев Борис Михайлович. «Московский трактир». Кустодиев Борис Михайлович. Московский трактир. «Московский трактир» 1919г. Холст, масло 99 ...

Русские трактиры в изобразительном искусстве: sergeyurich

18 февр. 2018 г. - Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916. Государственная Третьяковская галерея. Одно из первых таких заведений, построенное в ...

Купить копию картины Московский трактир. 1919г. артикул:5776 ...

Точную копию картины «Московский трактир. 1919г.» артикул:5776 - Кустодиев Борис Михайлович ручной работы можно заказать в нашей ...

Boris faybishenko fluid dynamics in. Московский трактир - Борис Кустодиев | Культура застолья

5 февр. 2016 г. - В 1915 году Кустодиев побывал в Москве. Он бродил по городу, делал зарисовки. На Вербном торгу у Спасской башни стоял трактир, ...

Московский трактир - Wikiwand

«Московский трактир» — картина российского художника Бориса Кустодиева, написанная им в 1916 году.

Купить картину Московский трактир Бориса Кустодиева. Заказать ...

Купить картину Московский трактир Бориса Кустодиева в недорогом интернет магазине репродукций. Всем покупателям дарим скидки и подарки, ...

КУСТОДИЕВ Борис Михаилович. Московский трактир. 1919. Масло

КУСТОДИЕВ Борис Михаилович, Московский трактир. 1919. Масло.

Лучшие картины русского художника Бориса Кустодиева

2 авг. 2015 г. - Лучшие картины русского художника Бориса Кустодиева – художника редкого ... Московский трактир — место особое, непростое.

Борис Шергин. Шиш Московский

1 июн. 2005 г. - Жили в соседях Шиш Московский да купец. .... По свету гуляючи, забрел Шиш в трактир пообедать, а трактирщица такая вредня была, ...

"Московский трактир" | Библиотека изображений "РИА Новости"

1 сент. 1970 г. - Борис Михайлович Кустодиев (1878–1927). ""Московский трактир"", 1919 год. Репродукция. Оригинал находится в Государственной ...

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916 - Домашние наливки и ...

Previous Entry · Share · Next Entry; Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916. oxxx wrote in traktir_nalivka: December 7th, 2012. Tags: сюжеты, трактиры ...

Boris faybishenko fluid dynamics in. Московский трактир, Кустодиев, 1916 - Muzei-Mira.com

Описание картины Кустодиева Московский трактир, написанная в 1916 году. ... Московский трактир - Борис Михайлович Кустодиев. 1916. Холст, масло.

Московский трактир | Великие художники

21 сент. 2015 г. - 21.09.2015. Борис Михайлович Кустодиев «Московский трактир», 1916. Третьяковская галерея, Москва. Модерн. Московский трактир ...

Описание картины Бориса Кустодиева «Московский трактир»

20 февр. 2017 г. - 1915 год – то время, когда Борис Михайловч Кустоиедиев активно пребывал в Москве,

Репродукция картины "Московский трактир" Бориса Кустодиева

Создание и печать репродукций картины Московский трактир известного художника Бориса Кустодиева! В каталоге представлены фото и описание ...

трактир - это... Что такое трактир?

трактир. трактир. См. гостиница... Словарь русских синонимов и сходных по смыслу ... Трактир — Кустодиев, Борис Михайлович. Московский трактир.

Московский трактир, Кустодиев, 1916 - Muzei-Mira.com

Описание картины Кустодиева Московский трактир, написанная в 1916 году. ... Московский трактир - Борис Михайлович Кустодиев. 1916. Холст, масло.

Московский трактир. - Кустодиев Борис Михайлович

Московский трактир. Написана картина в 1916 г. Холст, масло. Размеры 99.3 x 129.3 см. Хранится работа в Государственной Третьяковской галерее.

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир.... - Андрей Кончаловский ...

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916 «Вернувшись в 1915 году из Москвы после окончания работы в МХАТе, отец много рассказывал о своем ...

Московский трактир - Кустодиев, Борис Михайлович, картина в ...

Картина Московский трактир, художник Кустодиев, Борис Михайлович - изображение в высоком разрешении, подробное описание.

Предстал в новом цвете — Такие Дела

14 авг. 2015 г. - Борис Кустодиев, 1899Фото: Wikimedia Commons .... за чаем», «Масленица», «Московский трактир» и «Красавица» — написаны на ...

Б.Кустодиев. Московский трактир..docx - Курс лекций. История ...

Борис Кустодиев. «Московский трактир». Московский трактир — Борис Михайлович Кустодиев. 1916. Холст, масло. 99,3×129,3 см. Государственная ...

Борис Кустодиев "Московский трактир".1916. - Ok

Отсутствие добра Профессор в университете задал своим студентам такой вопрос. — Всё, что существует, создано Богом? Один студент смело ...

Московский трактир, 1916 » Картины художника » В галерее Пяг

Картина Московский трактир, 1916 года, художника Кустодиева Бориса Михайловича, одна из лучших среди классиков, предлагаем посмотреть и ...

Общепит в Российской империи - Культура РФ

Владельцами первых отечественных трактиров становились иностранцы, ... народ несколько разнится от московского: кроме полугара (алкогольный ...

Московский трактир — Википедия

«Московский трактир» — картина российского художника Бориса Кустодиева, написанная им в 1916 году. Описание[править | править код]. Картина ...

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев. Московский трактир - Rodon.org

23 окт. 2007 г. - Холст, масло. 99,3x129,3 см. Государственная Третьяковская галерея, Москва В 1915 году Кустодиев побывал в Москве. Он бродил по ...

Московский трактир. 1916 - Арт-каталог

Московский трактир. 1916. Холст, масло. 99 x 129 см. Государственная ... Борис Михайлович. 1878 - 1927. Кустодиев Б.. Московский трактир. 1916.

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев. Московский трактир.. Обсуждение ...

30 июн. 2010 г. - В 1915 году Кустодиев побывал в Москве. Он бродил по городу, делал зарисовки. Неизменным спутником его был В. В. Лужский – актер ...

Boris faybishenko fluid dynamics in. Описание картины Бориса Кустодиева «Московский трактир»

20 февр. 2017 г. - 1915 год – то время, когда Борис Михайловч Кустоиедиев активно пребывал в Москве,

Борис Кустодиев сегодня: свежие новости о персоне Борис ...

Борис Кустодиев. Московский трактир. 1916. Холст, масло. Советский историк Николай Дружинин сначала отстаивал очередь в Дворцовую столовую в ...

Московский трактир. Описание картины Кустодивева - design-kmv.ru

Борис Михайлович Кустодиев. «Московский трактир». 1916 год. Третьяковская галерея, Москва. Кустодиев был художником, обладавшим ...

Картина "Московский трактир" | Библиотека изображений "РИА ...

Репродукция картины "Московский трактир". Художник Борис Кустодиев (1878-1927 годы). Холст, масло. Оригинал картины хранится в ...

Академическое обучение изобразительному искусству

Корин П. Успенский собор в Московском Кремле / Н. А. Михайлов. Павел Корин. ... Кустодиев Б. Московский трактир / Борис Кустодиев. Л.: Аврора, 1983.

Grigoriev Roman Transport and Mixing in Laminar Flows. From Microfluidics to Oceanic Currents

This book provides readers from academia and industry with an up-to-date overview of important advances in the field, dealing with such fundamental fluid mechanics problems as nonlinear transport phenomena and optimal control of mixing at the micro- and nanoscale. The editors provide both in-depth knowledge of the topic as well as vast experience in guiding an expert team of authors. The review style articles offer a coherent view of the micromixing methods, resulting in a much-needed synopsis of the theoretical models needed to direct experimental research and establish engineering principles for future applications. Since these processes are governed by nonlinear phenomena, this book will appeal to readers from both communities: fluid mechanics and nonlinear dynamics.

12383.87 RUR



Mathieu Mory Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineering

The book aims at providing to master and PhD students the basic knowledge in fluid mechanics for chemical engineers. Applications to mixing and reaction and to mechanical separation processes are addressed. The first part of the book presents the principles of fluid mechanics used by chemical engineers, with a focus on global theorems for describing the behavior of hydraulic systems. The second part deals with turbulence and its application for stirring, mixing and chemical reaction. The third part addresses mechanical separation processes by considering the dynamics of particles in a flow and the processes of filtration, fluidization and centrifugation. The mechanics of granular media is finally discussed.

17724.41 RUR



James Ian N. Fluid Dynamics of the Mid-Latitude Atmosphere

This book gives a coherent development of the current understanding of the fluid dynamics of the middle latitude atmosphere. It is primarily aimed at post-graduate and advanced undergraduate level students and does not assume any previous knowledge of fluid mechanics, meteorology or atmospheric science. The book will be an invaluable resource for any quantitative atmospheric scientist who wishes to increase their understanding of the subject. The importance of the rotation of the Earth and the stable stratification of its atmosphere, with their implications for the balance of larger-scale flows, is highlighted throughout. Clearly structured throughout, the first of three themes deals with the development of the basic equations for an atmosphere on a rotating, spherical planet and discusses scale analyses of these equations. The second theme explores the importance of rotation and introduces vorticity and potential vorticity, as well as turbulence. In the third theme, the concepts developed in the first two themes are used to give an understanding of balanced motion in real atmospheric phenomena. It starts with quasi-geostrophic theory and moves on to linear and nonlinear theories for mid-latitude weather systems and their fronts. The potential vorticity perspective on weather systems is highlighted with a discussion of the Rossby wave propagation and potential vorticity mixing covered in the final chapter.

11993 RUR



Jean-François Sigrist Fluid-Structure Interaction. An Introduction to Finite Element Coupling

Fluid-Structure Interaction: An Introduction to Finite Element Coupling fulfils the need for an introductive approach to the general concepts of Finite and Boundary Element Methods for FSI, from the mathematical formulation to the physical interpretation of numerical simulations. Based on the author’s experience in developing numerical codes for industrial applications in shipbuilding and in teaching FSI to both practicing engineers and within academia, it provides a comprehensive and self–contained guide that is geared toward both students and practitioners of mechanical engineering. Composed of six chapters, Fluid–Structure Interaction: An Introduction to Finite Element Coupling progresses logically from formulations and applications involving structure and fluid dynamics, fluid and structure interactions and opens to reduced order-modelling for vibro-acoustic coupling. The author describes simple yet fundamental illustrative examples in detail, using analytical and/or semi–analytical formulation & designed both to illustrate each numerical method and also to highlight a physical aspect of FSI. All proposed examples are simple enough to be computed by the reader using standard computational tools such as MATLAB, making the book a unique tool for self–learning and understanding the basics of the techniques for FSI, or can serve as verification and validation test cases of industrial FEM/BEM codes rendering the book valuable for code verification and validation purposes.

7875.67 RUR



Wayne Durham Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control

Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control addresses airplane flight dynamics and control in a largely classical manner, but with references to modern treatment throughout. Classical feedback control methods are illustrated with relevant examples, and current trends in control are presented by introductions to dynamic inversion and control allocation. This book covers the physical and mathematical fundamentals of aircraft flight dynamics as well as more advanced theory enabling a better insight into nonlinear dynamics. This leads to a useful introduction to automatic flight control and stability augmentation systems with discussion of the theory behind their design, and the limitations of the systems. The author provides a rigorous development of theory and derivations and illustrates the equations of motion in both scalar and matrix notation. Key features: Classical development and modern treatment of flight dynamics and control Detailed and rigorous exposition and examples, with illustrations Presentation of important trends in modern flight control systems Accessible introduction to control allocation based on the author's seminal work in the field Development of sensitivity analysis to determine the influential states in an airplane's response modes End of chapter problems with solutions available on an accompanying website Written by an author with experience as an engineering test pilot as well as a university professor, Aircraft Flight Dynamics and Control provides the reader with a systematic development of the insights and tools necessary for further work in related fields of flight dynamics and control. It is an ideal course textbook and is also a valuable reference for many of the necessary basic formulations of the math and science underlying flight dynamics and control.

9838.76 RUR



Lifeng Zhang CFD Modeling and Simulation in Materials Processing 2016

This collection explores computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation of engineering processes, with contributions from researchers and engineers involved in the modeling of multiscale and multiphase phenomena in material processing systems. The papers cover the following processes: Iron and Steelmaking (Tundish, Casting, Converter, Blast Furnace); Microstructure Evolution; Casting with External Field Interaction; and Smelting, Degassing, Ladle Processing, Mechanical Mixing, and Ingot Casting. The collection also covers applications of CFD to engineering processes, and demonstrates how CFD can help scientists and engineers to better understand the fundamentals of engineering processes.

15369.23 RUR



M. Atesmen Kemal Case Studies in Fluid Mechanics with Sensitivities to Governing Variables

Covers a wide range of practical fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mass transfer problems This book covers the many issues that occur in practical fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mass transfer, and examines the basic laws (the conservation of matter, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, and the second law of thermodynamics) of these areas. It offers problem solutions that start with simplifying engineering assumptions and then identifies the governing equations and dependent and independent variables. When solutions to basic equations are not possible, the book utilizes historical experimental studies. It also looks at determining appropriate thermo-physical properties of the fluid under investigation, and covers solutions to governing equations with experimental studies. Case Studies in Fluid Mechanics with Sensitivities to Governing Variables offers chapters on: draining fluid from a tank; vertical rise of a weather balloon; wind drag forces on people; Venturi meter; fluid’s surface shape in a rotating cylindrical tank; range of an aircraft; designing a water clock; water turbine under a dam; centrifugal separation of particles; ideal gas flow in nozzles and diffusers; water supply from a lake to a factory; convection mass transfer through air-water interface; heating a room by natural convection; condensation on the surface of a vertical plate in laminar flow regime; bubble rise in a glass of beer; and more. Covers a broad spectrum of problems in practical fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mass transfer Examines the basic laws of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and mass transfer Presents solutions to governing equations with experimental studies Case Studies in Fluid Mechanics with Sensitivities to Governing Variables will appeal to engineers working in thermo-physical sciences and graduate students in mechanical engineering.

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Handheld Vacuum Brake Fluid Bleeder Tools 2 in 1 DIY Pump Tester Kit Diagnostic for Vehicles 3 Different Tubes

2 in 1 Hand Held Vacuum Pistol Pump Brake Fluid Bleeder Adaptor Reservoir Tester Kit Car Auto DIY Tool Set

Weiduo Hu Fundamental Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

An extensive text reference includes around an asteroid – a new and important topic Covers the most updated contents in spacecraft dynamics and control, both in theory and application Introduces the application to motion around asteroids – a new and important topic Written by a very experienced researcher in this area

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